Consultant Cardiologist

Malcolm Walker graduated in medicine in 1975 and has nearly 40 years of clinical experience. He was appointed as a Consultant Physician and Cardiologist at University College Hospital in 1987.

Cardiology in Non-Cardiac Conditions

In 1990, Dr Walker set up a dedicated cardiac service for patients with inherited blood conditions, specifically the thalassaemia syndromes and sickle cell anaemia. This service model is being copied to provide a similar level of cardiology screening, clinical care and long term surveillance for cancer survivors, through the new Cardio-Oncology Clinic being established at UCH.

Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

The Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation Service is an innovative programme of self-management and exercise-based therapies, which is offered to a wide group of patients and people identified to be at risk of developing heart problems. The service is housed within the Hatter Cardiovascular Institute at UCLH.

Hatter Cardiovascular Institute

The first Hatter Cardiovascular Institute was founded in 1990 by Dr Walker, with Professor Yellon. The Institute is now in a bespoke building on the UCH campus and combines scientific research with clinical activity in close geographic and strategic association.